Today I will discuss some of these tricks to rank your Fiverr gig on the first page!

Fiverr is an online marketplace where sellers sell their services minimum at the rate of $5. Buyers want services of good quality at optimal rates.

Sellers need to have their gig on the first page. This will ensure a lot of orders daily on their gig. But there are certain tricks to rank once gig on the first page.


First Order

To rank your Fiverr gig on the first page, you need to have your first order as quickly as possible. At the very initial stage, you may ask your close one to give you the order, then rate and review the gig so it may attract customers to buy your services.

It is not easy to do this more than once. Therefore it is better to promote through buyer request daily and tell your social circle about the services you offer.



Adding keywords not just only to the gig title but to tags also, is the most important and basic trick to rank your gig.

This trick is known as on-page SEO on your gig. You can search by typing words related to your services and find which are famous keywords. You may also have an overview of keywords other sellers use on Fiverr.



For continuous improvement in your reviews, you need to make a trustworthy relationship between you and your client. You need to ensure that you perform their projects as they are your own.

This will increase client satisfaction and you will eventually have more clients, hence more ratings and reviews.


Average Selling Rate

You should have a good average selling rate. This will show buyers gigs according to their budget. It is human psychology that things cost more will be of superior quality.

It will eventually increase the goodwill of your services in the client’s mind. But it is important to not overcharge for services.

A trick to maintain a good average selling rate without overcharging the customers is to ask your regular clients to give you a combined order of $50 or more.


Respond Instantly

There is possibly a time difference between you and your client country. You should communicate with your client quickly after the client approached you. So stay online always by having a Fiverr application on your smartphone.

You may tell the client your working hours and then adjust your schedule according to the deadline of the project. But communicating efficiently is very important and the Fiverr app in your phone makes it easy to respond instantly.


Promote Your Gig

You just can not rely on luck and word of mouth of your trustworthy clients. You need to promote your gig yourself by creating pages and joining groups on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You may give your Fiverr URL to your contacts and even sharing it in Whatsapp groups.



Diversity is also required in gigs to rank them higher. You may use two or even more gigs in the same category. Search and find out what gigs others are using.

Plus you need to give time to Fiverr if you want to create a name in this marketplace. Need to work daily and even more than 8 hours a day at the start.

You can even create a WhatsApp group of your clients to ask in the future if there is any more work or not. But it is important that include those clients in that group who are willing to otherwise you may ask them personally for work.


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