In this article, you will find the tips and tricks to get your first order on UpWork fast!

UpWork is One of the biggest names in the freelancing industry. Formerly it was known as Elance-oDesk, but in 2015 it was renamed as UpWork.

This freelancing marketplace has more than 14 million users and nearly $1 billion annual revenue.

Due to the tremendous international reach, many jobs are posted every minute on this website. According to a survey, this website has 12 million registered freelancers and five million clients.


Your First Order on UpWork!

For a newbie, getting work on this platform can be arduous. Let’s discuss some tips and tricks that can help you get quick work and build your ratings.


Profile Setup

After verifying your account on the UpWork, the first thing you need to do is to manage your profile.

Your profile is the first thing that a client checks after reading your job proposal. So, make sure to keep your profile updated and interesting.

Your experience certificates and qualifications should be listed on the profile.

In the job description, try to write engaging and unique content to catch the reader’s attention. Try to be as genuine as possible to stand apart from the crowd.

Do not use informal language anywhere in your profile. The client may tie this to a poor attitude.


The Job Proposal

The first thing that brings the client in touch with you is the job proposal that you send to the client/employer.

To write an efficient job proposal, divide it into three following parts:

  • Starting
  • Main body
  • Ending


Try to be as accurate and to the point in the starting as possible and then explain why you are the best person for the job and how you can efficiently manage and deliver according to their requirements.

In the ending give them some discount or concession to make the client even more interested.


Where to Apply?

A newbie on a big platform has no idea how and where to apply to get a job successfully.

First of all, you have to apply to low budget jobs to build up your rating and get positive reviews on your profile. This is due to three underlying reasons.

– The low budget jobs help to build up your profile and increase your ranking in the online Freelancing marketplace. With the completion of each successful job, you get one step closer to the next level job.

– These jobs are easy to get done based on your skill-set. The positive client reviews that you get from such jobs are the real profit that helps you in the long run.

– The high budget jobs are not usually offered to newbies, so it is better to start small and make your way towards the big jobs.


The Skill-Set

Often ignored but an essential point in the freelancing jobs is the skill-set that you have. You can apply to a number of jobs, but without the appropriate skills, you can never complete the job. Be sure to apply for the job that you are capable of completing.


So, these are few tips and tricks to get your first order on UpWork. Keep the points mentioned above in your mind before stepping into the Upwork community to have a strong start.


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