There are many free online tools available to easily identify the technologies used in building a website. Here is one of my favorite.


Wappalyzer is an extension available for chrome and firefox to identify the technologies used in building a website. It identifies CMS, web server, framework, programming language, database, libraries, font script much more. It is so easy to install the extensions and it will do the job for you.

How to install the extension?

  1. Go to your chrome browser -> setting -> more tools -> extensions
chrome extensions

2. Click on Extensions

open extensions

3. Click on open chrome web store.

chrome web store

4. Search “wappalyzer” and click “add to chrome”

add wappalyzer to chrome


5. Open the website you want to check that what technologies are used to build it, click on the small extension icon in the right corner of the browser and you will find out the technologies are used behind that website.

check technologies behind website


If you want to learn more you can check few other free tools available on internet for this purpose. Here is a brief list of some other tools used to identify the technologies used behind any website. Technology Checker Technology Сhecker is a chrome browser extension which is used to identify the technologies used to build a website or an app. It detects CMS, marketing tools, e-commerce solutions and much more.


Netcraft Site Report is one of the oldest tools which helps you to identify website technologies like programming language, CMS, framework, web server, database, RSS, compression, character encoding libraries, font script, hosting, network, security, SSL/TSL and much more.

W3 Techs

W3 Techs Site Info tool gives you detailed information about a website like CMS, programming language, Web server, analytics, reverse proxy details, inline/external CSS, Compression, , popularity ranking and much more.

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