Obstacles in Online Teaching

5 Must-Know Strategies to Handle Obstacles in Online Teaching

The midst of the coronavirus pandemic comes up with a lot of challenges for the educational institutes. The pandemic equalizes the education system of the whole world by enforcing them to move online.

Digital learning isn’t a new thing for modern students. YouTube is already filled with a lot of potential content, while the Udemy courses’ growth is of no surprise for the tech-savvy.

However, the transformation of traditional teaching & learning methods into online education is a new step for educational institutes. Despite having numerous benefits for both students & teachers, this surprise online shifting becomes a hurdle for every educator.

To streamline the process, many educational technology providers started an online school management system.

But handling obstacles in online teaching isn’t a cup of tea for everyone. You need to build an effective strategy that overcomes these challenges and lets the educators handle these obstacles in online teaching.

So how to do it?  Let’s continue reading this blog to know more about it.


How to Handle Obstacles in Online Teaching?

This is not the first time, but almost since the change in generation, everyone is fed up with the traditional learning methods. Therefore, online shifting exposes all the hurdles and obstacles that were even before the online trends.

It is true that many obstacles, such as poor internet connections, are new, but the old ones, such as less engagement, no or low productivity, were already present before the advent of online teaching.

But the main problem is how to handle these obstacles in online teaching?

By learning the pain points, you can develop a smooth strategy to overcome the online teaching challenges.


1.    Dealing with Passive Students

Almost all the students turn into passive ones due to the lack of active participation. This is the main drawback of online teaching and a challenge for educators.

Although these passive students may acquire lecture content, they fail to apply it outside the virtual classroom. Most of them even lack in delivering the online presentation, assessments, & MCQs.

To deal with this obstacle, you need to come up with an instructional strategy. Teachers need to design a curriculum based on interactive textbooks that extend active learning outside the classroom.

With in-line interactive questions, teachers can also track student’s engagement and completion of course content. Therefore, this a must-know strategy for educators to handle the obstacles.


2.    Online Collaboration

Another main obstacle held in the way of online teachings is ineffective online collaboration. Every teacher knows the importance of students’ input but a virtual classroom never provides that space to connect.

The formal replies from the students in the chat rooms never allow them to collaborate effectively. The listen & speak policy is never the solution to the problem.

Therefore, to deal with these obstacles, educators require to give free hands in online teachings. Ensure that every student can collaborate with each other by unmuting the mics. Promote virtual group discussions and allows them to discuss the solution to the problems.


3.    Online Connectivity

Online connectivity is essential to connect educators & students at the same time. However, poor internet connections never enable students & teachers to communicate or connect properly.

Therefore, it is essential to use the right online education platform for online teaching to eliminate these issues.

The majority of schools & institutes are using an application like Zoom to conduct online classes. While it is an interactive application for online meetings but isn’t design as per online teaching needs.

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Therefore, to handle the obstacle in online teaching, educators must need to connect with educational software & applications.


4.    Training

Training solves most of the minor & significant obstacles held in online teaching. Most of the experienced teachers lack in operating the online teaching platforms & software effectively.

This becomes the reason behind ineffective online teaching methods. Therefore, schools can develop a training strategy to ensure that every educator knows how to interact with students online.


5.    Time Management

One of the biggest traditional teachings is time discipline. The teachers, students, and staff all reach on a required time in the school premises. However, in online teaching majority of the students lacks in connecting with the application on time. This is due to ineffective collaboration or lack of motivation.

Therefore, by implementing the time management strategy, you can ensure that everyone accesses the classroom on time. Use the online trackers to record the timing while also discuss the timing with the student to get the most attendance.


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